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Rachel Hadar

Rachel Hadar, Esq. has spent the last two decades focusing exclusively on conducting impartial investigations as an internal investigator. Her experience has covered a wide range of industries like government, law enforcement, healthcare, and the private sector. Rachel has conducted hundreds of complex investigations including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, theft, fraud, sexual assault, bullying, and more. She is proficient in delving into complicated accusations, encompassing grievances with multiple facets, parties, and senior management personnel.

Rachel advocates for a people-centric methodology in her investigations, prioritizing the well-being of individuals. She approaches every conversation and engagement with a deep sense of respect, acknowledging the profound effect of workplace issues and inquiries. Rachel’s investigative approach is marked by meticulous planning and adaptability.

Rachel has served as an investigation trainer and mentor for employee relations and human resources staff. She has developed and conducted several workshops and seminars on conducting fair and unbiased investigations, resolving conflicts to foster a positive workplace environment, and maintaining confidentiality and ethical standards. Rachel is a member of the Association of Workplace Investigators and California Bar.


  • California Bar Association
  • Association of Workplace Investigators (Member)
  • Internal Affairs Certificate, National Criminal Justice
  • Practical Kinesic Interviewing Certification
  • Advanced Law Enforcement Administrative Investigation Certification
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